Wednesday, March 24, 2010

yeah i love movies!

this is the latest movie i watched in cinema, well i dont watch in cinema oftenly, just buy the pirate one and watch in tv. but this movie is great and the song by avril-alice is superb, jatuh chenta dengar pertama aku.
upin dan ipin, (betul betul betul), geng pengembaraan~~

these are my favourite animation movies beside barbie's. they are terrific and hilarious, like you gonna laugh every 5 minutes while watching it. oh seriously.!!

and these are my 2 all-time-favourite girlish movies and i've watch it like thousands times, they too are so funny and the girls are so chicky. nice movies!!


  1. heyy. i watched Wild Child too. Best best. Poppy Moore :D

  2. haha, aq blaja byk words dr cerita tu like 'major bloody SULA' ngan 'horseface'..bley dipraktikkan pas neh.hahaha