Tuesday, March 30, 2010

huh? i didn't get it, so hmm?

i was like 'huh, why?' when i check my MARA interview call status coz yeah,i wasn't called for that. am i sad? for what? haha. no la. kind of. but i still believe there's always a reason behind everything happened. maybe i'll do better here in malaysia than oversea. who knows that? but i didn't quit trying. am going to apply for maiwp scholarship.

frankly and honestly i AM confuse and feel mix up now. but oh biarlah. let it be. i got a message from khadijah just now, and she too was quite shocked bout this. but she said, there will be second call for the interview. and well, ok. to be honest to myself, i do feel half hearted to study overseas. i want too because my friends, teachers and PEOPLE always talk about it. i did think bout studying in local university but my brother said local medic is so bloody tough. and i was like, ngaaaa, bloody scared. =(

and now, i leave everything to Allah. He knows the best for me. I will not stop praying and trying. NEVER. (WOW) =p

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