Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Early 4th Year

Salam 'alaik everybody.

As surreal as it feels, I already am breathing and walking on the soil of blessed Egypt. Everything is fine just the way when I left it 3 months back. But yeah, I know deep down there's still something going on. Lets just be cautious okay.

Anyway, I am proud to announce that I've started my 4th year for almost a week. And I am currently in ENT round. Ear Nose and Throat. Daily lectures are extended to arduous 3 hours and I've been to the clinical round once. Just today. We saw 8 cases all related to nose. I just cant forget when the doctor pull out the bloody and slimy cotton from the post operative patient's nostril. Gahhh the view is just yummehh! Not. But I'm proud to say I managed to eat KFC after all the scenic moments in the clinic. Hahhaha. Me and my appetite. Inexplicable.

On the other notes, Raihan and Sha are coming back to Malaysia. They are going to further their studies there, so all the best, mates! I know they gonna do just fine anywhere. They are a good seed anyway, just throw them anywhere and they will grow well. Lol. I think they are not gonna read this. But if they do, well hello there! Teehee.

Alright. Till then! :) ♥

Ps: choosing to be here till now is bot that bad actually. I actually enjoy the way things are right now. InshaAllah. Bi iznillah.

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