Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life and its unexpected game

Salam 'alaik ppl. Hope you guys are all pink in health.

So, what's up with my study huh? Where I exactly gonna be to continue my 4th year aka the beginning of clinical phase.

The answer is, I'm staying in Alex still. InshaAllah.

Honestly, I was a bit indecisive at first about this whole stuff, you know the complicated credit transfer, Egypt problems etc. Everyone was asking about where I will go next? Earlier, I chose to be in Alex. Then when I give a thorough thought, possible outcomes and future undertaking, I started to contemplate. Malaysia is good for its clinical training, I got to deal with our own people, our familiar diseases etc. So I applied for Malaysia at the end.

But Allah sure knows better. I had some problem with my documents. The postage issue precisely. Just because I asked someone else to post it for me. I ended up with the documents posted to me (my mom) back! Now imagine that. Haha. It was funny.... but to some extent frustrating. I was sad. I was disappointed. I blamed others.... but after sometime I came to my sense. There must be some reasons behind. I mean. I choose to believe that that is a sign to just finish up my studies in Alex. Period.

Like. Seriously.

Though I don't have strong chemistry with that part of the world, I have to. Lets just suck up every knowledge they have to offer you like mad overly enthusiastic med students. Deal with it even if its suffocating.

Reality is, medicine is a universal profession. There wont be much difference if you study here or there. You gotta suck up patients blood, you gotta press their chest, you still gotta take medical history. Bright side is, you gotta learn their tropical disease. Meditteranean diseases. Yeahh. So yeah. The important part is developing skills. And some guts.

I mean it is not easy if you don't have guts here or even there. I, having chosen this field in the first place should be able to face the challenge. Its not easy to take obese patients blood. Its not easy to suture. Its not easy to intubate. But everyone in med field everywhere could and know how to do that. Be it in Malaysia or Egypt. You just have to be brave and passionate enough to learn, okay.

So. Buck up. Face everything in front like a real Muslim. After all, you got a great weapon. Should you need anything just ask for it. InshaAllah, it'll be granted with some effort.

Hello, 4th Year Medical School!

I feel so mature already. :')

Till then people. Next update would most probably be when I arrive in Alex.


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  1. yeah..tiqah still alex..xnak berpisah dgn korg sume..huhu