Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Of my first time....

....being in the hospital....for clinical training.... haha apa pasal tulis ini macam maaa? Manyak titik titik sangat...


Anyway, last Thursday, my section had our first clinical training in Miri Hospital. Nah, this isn't the Miri in Sarawak, Malaysia. But this one is located in the main faculty in Azarita.

Basically the training aims at preparing us final preclinical students for the next sem where we would be learning mainly in the hospital. No classes no more or maybe once in a while. Just ward rounding, seeing patients, learn to take clinical history, steps to diagnose and the list goes on.

It is interesting. Lucky us, we got awesome Dr Magdy. He got British accent some more like 'soooww' and most importantly he was smiling all the time when he was teaching. You know your smile could warm people's heart. At least mine. Haha.

The class went well until suddenly we heard a loud scream outside. Like seriously loud. It was hard to focus really. Dr Magdy said that maybe she was just some patient's relative who broke down after some bad news. Then the scream stopped. Minutes later, the same lady screamed again. My goodness. It was disturbing. But I pity her as well. Hmm. Then we heard some men arguing with the lady. Typical arabs. Then it stopped and started all over again. More like fluctuating scream. Heartbreaking but incessant though. How is that?

Saw so many solemn looking people with canulas on their cubital fossa. Haih made me think about being a real doctor all over again. I mean I like looking at smiling faces. So would I be able to go through upset faces everyday? Lets just hope I wouldn't loss my sensitivity later on.


On another account, I've bought my flight ticket home! Hehehe excited I am. Plus my baby brother got offer from MARA to study French language. Alhamdulillah ya Allah. Reminds me the day when I got my offer 3 years ago. Exactly the same day when I pass my arduous JPJ test as well. Yesterday our batch basketball team won against the Arabs too. Hihihi. So many good news in a day. Masha Allah. Couldn't ask for more really. :) Alhamdulillah.

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