Thursday, March 21, 2013


Salam 'alaik.

Was uber worn out tonight after spending my evening wrapping 10 hampers for tomorrow occasion. And also moving all 10 of them here n there, (I think my vetebrae already hates me now). And my sisters do touch my heart when they offer and agree to lend a hand despite their own tiring job for tomorrow occasion. Honestly, being on this path, caring each other in the course of Him, you are capable of anything despite any hard things that come in ur way, with His will.

I'm in love with these people (anyone) who are willing to sacrifice their own time and energy for others benefit. Seriously, thank you. To Iman and Nadhirah who never show or whine their exhausting life in front of me, my respect goes to both of you! Aha. Glad that our path crossed each other. :)

Till then. Wassalam.

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