Wednesday, February 20, 2013

That Girl

Salam 'alaik. ;)

So today I had quite a long day in the car. Fuad and I started by fetching Ali from his PLKN camp at Kluang then we headed straight to SAMURA. Cause apparently Ali is going to an interview so he had to get all his documents ready from school.

No I didn't drive haha I know I should but nahhh I'm just plain lazy and not ready for it. Ali was taking turn with Fuad driving all the way from Muar to JB. Actually, what I wanted to tell you was while I was at the school, I met a lot of people. The teachers (teachers to most of my siblings), the saudara (pusing pusing kot tu jugak) and Aisyah! Uish it's been a while since our last meeting. Last 2 years maybe. She just registered into that school. I don't know but I just feel like meeting her. She reminds me of my early days in Egypt. So cute back then. No no not being a narcissist, #justsaying. Haha.

Anyway, all the best Aisyah! If you read this, just so you know, I bet you gonna treasure all the days ahead of you, insyaAllah. The time will come when these current adaptation phases fade away. :) 

So, till then. I've got masses of homeworks to do but hehs, no buts okay Nurul. Gotta move fast. 

P/s: People do teach me a lot. 


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