Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Of Coming Back to Second Not-So-Sweet Home

And so the clock ticks by, the day becomes night, and the moon greets the sun again, and here I am counting seconds to go to my second home, Alexandria.

No, it's not that I'm all excited and eager to start new sem. But actually feel so reluctant to be there again, swimming in the seas of people, knowledge, competitions, independence and to leave the flawless serenity a blissful home provides and the comfort that both my parents lavish onto me. In short, being home means being in comfortable zone away from responsibility and hence a complete peace of mind. Indeed. As for me.


So, that's a mentality of yours that you have to change, Nurul. Life isn't all about bed of roses, money fallen from sky and rainbow through the days. Some part of it, you have to opt over two roads, one of which so straight and pretty but ends in an earth hole while the other is all bushes and weeds that finding a rose amongst them is said to be such a glorious victory but leads to the most beautiful garden with blossoming buds and pretty butterflies and some crystal clear river.

And it is clear that everyone does want a happy ending so you opt to avoid the former and go to the latter road knowing it'll bring you to it. At first, you are quite uncertain and undecisive because the road has so much of obstacles that nearly made you lift the white flag. But then you realized that you are fully equipped with every single items you gotta need, since the beginning of the story.

And so, you take your first step towards the happy ending. Obviously, it isn't that easy cause otherwise the road would already be flooded with tonnes of people. Success only comes to those who have strived hard and persevered enough through falls, wounds and bruises, right? Cause afterall, these are the ones making success such a big deal and overload it with sweetness and joys.

Therefore, it is the same thing with you. Now, you choose to be in the path that is known to be not easy. You will wept, tense up, struggling to stay awake but in the midst of everything else, there's the time when you create happy moments with the other strugglers of whom are pacing the same path of yours, hearing their story, someone willing to help you get up after multiple falls that are definitely the ones which only would add extra beauties to your whole journey without you realizing it and the ones who'll be sharing the joy once you guys reach the dreamed goal.


So, it is not that bad to go back. These are the time to create moments by the way. And the time to draw the future as well. Dear myself, it is a journey you have clearly opted and thus, persevere!

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  1. Rul,flight pukul berapa?btw,good luck study.huhu.