Sunday, September 9, 2012

Is it okay to say that I'm scared?

Salam 'alaik to fellow readers.

It's been a habit since facebook becomes part of communication, that I would scroll down the news feed after checking the notifications.

These past days, I've read a lot about what's happening around my primary schoolmates, secondary schoolmates , universitymates, juniors and seniors and even people I don't really know who exist on my friendlist. Those who I've added or approved randomly.

So, here are some of the updates:

1. Anyway, yesterday I've been shocked by the lost of my primary schoolmates. She was in my class during promary 4 if I'm not mistaken but I surely remember she's a jovial kind of person who was talkative. And she's really sweet and tall. And had this long hair which was tied in pony-tail style. Hm that would be a memory now. We've been away from each other after primary school and never met up to this day and never will. T_T May her soul rest in peace and blessed by Allah. Al-Fatihah.

2. My seniors in Alex Uni had just graduated including my bro cousin with his wife. So next year, I'm not gonna get any invitation again to eat at their house. Kak Yus is a great cool really! Anyway, heartfelt congrats to my dearest seniors! They are the first MARA sponsored medical graduated from Alex Uni, a title worth be treasured, isn't it?

3. Seeing some of their pictures, I couldn't help but to smile to myself. Hihi embarassing. Cause I realized majority of the woman-seniors will be going back home with another blessing inside themselves. Isn't that wonderful? It is., really! :) May Allah protect the mom and child and the husband too. And that includes my Kak Yus (bro-cousin's wife) and her baby too.

4. You know how students in Egypt often asked and being asked about marriage and stuff? Yeah, 3 of my batchmates just got engaged in this month. A couple from my batch and the other one got engaged to our senior. How sweet, right. May Allah bless their relations and smoothens tr path aheads.

5. Nothing. Just family stuff. I'm a stalker to my brothers hehe hehe it's not a sin anyway. Teehee.


Haish, so abovementioned stuffs are the stuff I'm gonna go through myself, insyaAllah. Everyone will. But, right now, I am more disturbed by point number 2. Seriously I'm really scared to go to next sem. And next one. And the next one until the last. Hewwww it's frightening really. To be a doctor. To be able to treat the man and the soul within.

I know it's not easy. Learning is never easy. But it's fun right. With fellow frineds and the memories made. Hehe. I hope I'll be able to graduate on time and perform well here and in the hereafter, aminnnn :) .


  1. atiqah, sape kawan darjah 4 tu?
    rabiatul kenal x?

  2. kenal tak nurain rusli? die pengawas dulu. die accident. taktau sangat detailnye camne, tapi tu lah, sebab accident.