Sunday, October 16, 2011

Go get some sleep, dude.

The problem with the house in Egypt is they build it I dunno how but to be sure with no sound-proof wall. You can hear what, like everything they talk in their hall, when you are in your bedroom. I know it can sometimes be very annoying when people around you start to talk loudly, scream suddenly and laugh like they gonna lose their mouth and humor sense tomorrow. And now, well, my ears are facing it. Damn noisy these guys from up there. With some girls. Come on, it's already night and yeah to be precise 9.41 at night yet you can still hang out like you'll not meet each other again for what like thousand years? Come on. Go home and sleep and make my ears relax a little. And you are Muslim, come on. Put up some water face lahhh. Haiyooh.

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