Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brief Heart Session

Let me be clear first. I just feel like writing in English for some reason.

I once heard people said the older you get, the more responsibilities you behold. And the saying just slip off like that without any understanding or me trying to digest the hidden definition. But now, in my current life circumstance, I know the saying is true. And I am only 19. Less than actually. What I ought to do now is what I really want to do. I volunteer myself not because someone else push me or anything. I want to do it before it is too late which I hope will never be. I've done this before. And it wasn't easy. I cried and I prayed before. And yeah, I'm a noob at handling my emotions. And it will be like this again. I know. So, to dear myself. LET'S FACE IT! At least you are going to have what other people don't have; the memories. 

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