Monday, May 2, 2011

Mat'am Sya'ban. Those Craving For Seafood

Hai, Assalamualaikum.

Hari ni citer pasal makan lagi. Makan Seafood. Saya seorang budak yang kuat makan udang. Walaupun harga udang kat pasar sini 50 junaihat satu kilo, saya rasa saya tak kisah sebab saya boleh sawan kalau tak makan udang sebulan. Ok ok tak, saya tipu je.

This restaurant I'm gonna tell you is located in Mansyiah, near MARA Hostel and not difficult to find, insyaAllah. They serve sea-food 'maqliah' wala 'masy wiyah'. Fried or grilled. Goreng atau bakar. Saya prefer maqliah because I tell you why.

So, these are the pictures. Just a few of them cause we are hungry women that time. Por favor.

Tada..Half kilo of 'gambiri maqliah' (udang goreng) and 100g of 'subit maqliah' (sotong goreng). It's urm satisfying. In term of my craving, yeah they finish them all. Alhamdulillah. There were 4 of us so each get 4 pieces of prawn. Macam sikit heh? Nevermind, the restaurant is just nearby to drop by.

There. Highlight of the day. The fish which I don't know what it name is but still yummilicious. They fried it really crunchy so I guess I like this the most.

A much closer look on the 'subit'. The thing is, we have quite a huge squid to start with. So this is how they look after chopping and slicing. Nice! But I prefer our country squid more without reason. Hehe.

See. Now you know why I prefer the fried menu. This is how the fish look after they grill it. Kesian this one ikan, get isolated. But hey, never judge a fish by it's skin cause truth be told the flesh underneath is very soft and boleh tahan la. If anyone bring budu or sambal kering from Malaysia, bring it when you come here, seriously.  We had to get the black skin off the fish before we ate it. Thanks to Farisha for taking it off for us.

Direction; after Falaky, go the left, and you will go through a whole lot of shops on the floor, you go straight and straight and straight until you found a bread shop on your right, a small white shop at the corner. You take that corner and go straight (again) and you turn right in a narrow road. Seriously, you can ask the locals (Fen mat'am sya'ban?) and they will answer you. 

Beware: The roads are quite crowded so get firm hold of your stuff. Never left the zip opened. And the restaurant actually stink with 'sea odour' but hey I guess we've been thorugh  a lot worse in Biochem Lab. Remember the albumin? Hahaha. My god I know I know they stink like (shit is a strong word) so just say, like an abnormal odour. And the food above costed us 100 junaihat. Not bad ey?


  1. pehhhhhhhh.sedap gilee!!!nanti bawakk >.<

  2. ok! datang la sini. nanti kite mkn udang 1 kilo! haha