Sunday, May 1, 2011

FuddRuckers; Those with Hamburger Passion

Assalamualaikum people.

Tadaa, as promised before, here is the FuddRuckers. The restaurant serving a variety of hamburgers which are of course highly satisfying and erm addicting? The latter will cost you more of course.

Semalam, lepas habis exam je terus pergi Carrefour makan-makan. Haha, I dunno when it started but benda ni macam dah jadi kewajipan pulak. After habis exam je mesti makan besar. Yeah to pay for all the stress during exam, you know.

So, here are the hamburgers; drooling is permitted yo.

Ok, not yet.

Ok, now. The Firehouse belongs to Fatin. Yeah, I know I know, it's big and it got cheesy wedges! Those craving for the KFC cheesy wedges you can come here and taste the kind-of.

Mine. Ermmm the name is Crispy Works. Not much, just that it fry my chicken fillet and bacon+mushroom topping which I can't finish. There's too much on the plate!

My salad and you see that? The cheese? Aww it's awesome! Free salad counter. Just take how many cheese and coleslaw you like.

Sha's Caesar'witch'. There's a hole of lettuce in the bun. Awesome yo.

And it's really worth your money but not to be eaten frequently. Cause they are quite pricey and it do charge much taxes. But as I said before, it worth every penny you pay. So why not get a good food with your money now?

Oh before that, FuddRuckers is at the end of the Carrefour. Next to the foodcourt, you go straight and find the cinema, straight again and you'll see the FuddRuckers.  Happy eating, people.

Now I'm happy.

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