Friday, December 31, 2010

The Time Flies!

It's the end of 2010!

Say hi to 2011!

Right at this moment we are busy studying and preparing for our module 3 and end of semester 1 exam. Here and there you can see people discussing, preparing their presentation and what not. It is quite tense, really. But then, who don't feel pressure during exam?

Generally typing, all these jazz will end on 26th January 2011. Yeah, 2011. InsyaAllah. And after that, 2 weeks of holiday. And the girls and me already have this one place in our mind. But we are not sure about it yet. Still in consideration.

So that's all. Do pray for our success. May much happiness return to us. And may Allah bless us always. I hope 2011 will bring more joyful memory to keep in this precious brain of mine. Joyful memory is medical memory, yes? Definitely yes!

Goodbye people and 2010!

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