Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A True Confession

This gonna be somehow a general not-important-type-confession. But stil, I and we should regard this as a confession.

The story goes like this;

One hot sunny day when I was ___ years old, I had a crush with this senior of mine. This happened during secondary school of course.

I was affected by his cute face, (God, I'm so not gonna be affected by mens' cuteness anymore,well, except Declan Galbraith's). And he was in our school debate team. He looked confident and comfortable with people around him which attracted me more.

And now goes the stupidest-immature-idiotic-lunatic part; I wrote him a note. It's not a letter. Just a couple of rows of words telling and babbling about myself. (I couldn't bring myself to believe that I actually sent some stupid note to him up to this day). And he DIDN'T reply it. HAHAHAHA. Though I kept myself anonymous, he somehow got to know me-his secret admire(Ewww). And he did gave me some 'I-know-you-were-my-secret-admire look whenever we stumbled upon each other. And that was honestly shitter than shit. HAHAHAHA. The story ended with we never talked to each other and me keep avoiding his way. It was embarrassing. Like I was running after him. God, please. I won't do that anymore, I swear!

The current story;

I was facebooking, jumping from one profile to another, keeping myself up to date with my friends' life and somehow I found his profile. And yeah, I couldn't help not to see his profile. oh come on, he's not gonna know I looked on his profile, for god sake. What happened next was the sh***est. I was gobsmacked! Right on the face.

I couldn't believe my eyes! He has turned into a SISSY! Fine, that was shittest than shitter. I was like, 'Is this him? The guy whom I had cruch upon before??' Truth be told, I felt more like 'Did I just fall for a sissy?'

And NO, I didn't add him as friend. Not in a millionth time. Never Ever.

So, that was the confession. I couldn't help laughing a lil bit remembering how naive I was to fall for him in the first place. Haha. Well, he was not that sissy like he is now back then in school. But I guess his affinity towards 'sissiness' was there. Yet still I like him. Oh I couldn't believe myself. Is that me?? NOOOO!!!!

HAHAHAHA. It was funny. An experience though. Fell for a sissy. HAHAHA. I'll never do that again. Not as long as I have a straight mind.

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