Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hai Blog

Hai Blog. Lame tak jumpa. Apa Khabar? Sihat?

Hei hei, aku sangat merindui blog ini tahu! Cube tengok last post. 15 Jun tu. Sekarang sudah 24 Jun. Kalau dalam kelas tengah boring boring tu, tetibe je 'Eh lame gila tak blogging'. Die pop up dalam otak tetibe. Tapi yalah, apa nak dikata. Aku tak bawak laptop pegi kolej. Kalau nak blogging, aku kena sorang sorang je. Kalau ada orang tengok aku blogging, aku seakan jammed sebentar. Macet tahu? Bahasa Indonesia la.

So perkembangan hidup yang sentiasa membesar lingkungannya ini; next week exam. Next week student A-level masuk. Next week Sabtu dan Ahad tak cuti(wuthayawanfromme!!??). Tu je la kot. Macam bakal hectic je. ''Ow baby, lek lek. ''

So to cut things short(as I am so sleepy), I'm gonna summarize the occasions that took place in my life for the past 9 days. (Eh apehal tetibe nak cakap omputih ni?!)
  • Syahir pulang
Alhamdulillah he arrived Malaysia safe and sound. And most importantly, I got a new t-shirt from him. How cool. A red ''Moscow Medical Academy'' long sleeved t-shirt. (I know I shouldn't be this precise but I can't help it). And yeah as usual he growed long hair which got cut the next 2 dyas as there was a kenduri in my kampung. So long hairs does not represent a good image right. Though he loathed his new haircut, I think that was just alright. Or maybe it is me who don't know how to measure how good a haircut is.
  • Port Dickson Trip
Memang fun gile wa cakap lu. There, first time naik banana boat. My, sumpah best tahu! Words can't describe it. Cewah! Though the cost was a tad expensive but it simply worth it like seriously. Paid RM10 per person and we can ask how many time we want to be dropped into the water. (With lifejacket on, obviously). My group, we asked for twice yeah, you see, that was our first time, so we were quite anxious. But after this, I would beg them to drop me 5 times and more more more, be pretty please. Haha. It was seriously fun. InsyaAllah no harm can be done. Just be careful and you are safe. Actually, I didn't bring extra clothes that day as I was so sure I didn't want to swim(I thought there's no fun in PD back then) . But because of that pretty adorable sensuos(?) banana boat I was willing to buy a new tshirt just to got myself on it. How adorable, no? And this part should be closed with cliche sentence; Though we were exhausted at the end of the day, we were so happy to get to know how beautiful PD is and how amazing the banana boat is. Oh the latter is more, thousands time moreamazinger. Ohkay. Over I am. Excuse me dear readers.

I think that should satisfy the blogging-hunger in me. I'm gonna sleep now. Till we meet again in the next entry.

p/s: Warm welcome to KTT-ans to-be from a KTT-an. =p

Updated: Camwhoring in PD

Me and Nasuha. Ni dah puas jadik manusia berendam. Bukan badak berendam. Topi orang lain punya okeh.

See there. Lepas disengaja-terjatuhkan. Best gila!!!

Okeh ini paling best. Muka muka cuak before disengaja-terjatuhkan dari bot buah pisang.
Orang yang in love with PD. Lagi lagi yang tudung pink tu.

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