Monday, July 8, 2013

How could they be so ruthless?

I am deeply devastated with the condition in Egypt. TT . This morning, the soldiers shot the people while they were praying Subh.

I wasn't affected by the bullet physically but God knows how tormenting it is to my soul seeing the amount of blood spilled in this war. Its catastrophic!

Is there any room of empathy and humanity left in your heart dear soldiers? Is there any? How could you simply shot them while they were performing their prayers? What if your father is in there? Imagine there's your mother, your brothers and sisters in the crowd. Dear Egyptians, look at what you've done to your own people! You're wasting your manpower!

May Allah grant martyrdom to the people.
Just stop the killing please! Opt for something else if you want to cease the demo. Anything but shooting. Please.

It's not my country to fuss about but these people they're my families too. Please stop killing my families! And all the media did was putting the blame on the innocent people. Said they were the one attacking in the first place. What in the world. My blood pressure spiked up as I was typing this. Just stop it please. Return the power to the deserving. Stupid coup d'etat. Follow 'Mesir Kini' in fb for details and brace yourself to know the truth.

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