Friday, May 3, 2013

The Joke

Salam 'alaik guys.

I recalled a funny joke while I was studying arteries a while ago. (I sure didn't focus well huh).

Just because this story is so funny and I want it to be kept here for future joke-telling.

It was last weekend when I had to sleep over at the villa. We had a fun gathering discussing abt how to interact with Quran. And then we had qiyamullail together. And the day after that, my sisters and I spent the morning cooking like crazy for our lunch.

Then came dhuhr prayer.

I came out of the toilet after ablution and about to go to the next house to pray. En route I met the 'mama' aka the house owner who came to collect the rent. And then she said :

"Hye. How are you? *cheek kissing* You only wake up this time?"

I was like, huhhh? Actually I didn't understand it at first. I just smiled and said I wanna pray.

Then the logic knocked my head.

Did the mama think I just woke up?!
Oh my goodness!

HAHAHA. This is cannot! Okay I know I had small eyes and just because I washed my face minutes ago, you cannot say I just woke up. (I was offended of course like do my eyes seriously look that small?) Nevertheless, it was funny too, I told the rest about that and there was a burst of laughter.

Yeah. Well well.

The people here is like that. Like if you aren't Egyptian, you're chinese. I've been countless time a sinni (Chinese), kuri (Korean), yabani (Japanese) and once, a Sri Lanka believe it or not. OMG I feel like buying a world map for them. Haha.

I consider this as the perk of studying in Egypt. They sure have their own way to make you laugh now and then.

Okay, back to the books. Pray for us, bleaseeee. (Egyptian version of 'please'). XD

Ma'a salamah. :)
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