Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It seems like after all the years I've spent in primary and secondary school, I still can't identify the best study mechanism for me. I mean if I were to be asked 'how do you study?' question, I would totally back out and I'd ask my other friends to answer that. Hewhew

During sec school, last minute study could do goods to me. Not usually but sometimes. But now, as I'm taking another steps up the stairs, only God knows what a disaster it would be if I insist on studying at the eleventh hour.


Our exam is around the corner. Busy life it is, I think. I know there are tonnes of busier people than me around but yeah people are different in terms of their adaptations. Like this ngada ngada me, a single busy day could make the entire week haywired. When la to change, nurul?

There's alot to catch up. There's alot to memorise. There's alot to learn. Of course la, nak kerja nanti for 50 years kot and the bekalan you gonna use all along comes from 6 years je kan. So make this 6 years adequate la to start embarking on your professional phase.

Howkay howkay. Exhale.

Self writing therapy pastu bagi orang baca dgn harapan orang lain dpt manfaat skali. Kate muwasofat tarbiyah kan (ke-9). Bukan muwassa haishh ok tak lawak abaikan.

Ok. Back to the reality; student life; books, red pens, highlighters, pencil, papers, notes, labcoat, desk and chair.

Toodles. Salam 'alaik. Wish you good day ahead. :)

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  1. Mmg pening kpala xdan nak blajar!!!