Friday, March 5, 2010

a time to kill

hari neh tiada apa apa yang dibuat..dari pagi ke petang dan ke malam semula hanya bertemankan laptop dan handphone..eheh

so I present you, below are some listing about me-myself and I..

if you care to read, get moving, if not, get lost..KAH KAH KAH..

  1. I wear the same Santa Barbara watch which used to be my mom's for the past three years and I love it so much I can't put it into words..We've been together through PMR and SPM, ay??and the trials too..and the KELAS MEMANDU too..=)
  2. I love cooking but I don't enjoy doing housework such as the basuh-sidai-angkat-lipat-iron baju, sapu rumah and etc..
  3. People say I am confident with myself, but they are wrong. I used to be confident(i think) like nothing bothering me way back when I was in primary school. But as I'm getting older, the confidence fly away..what the $%^&*..*sigh*
  4. People say my style look like the elderly but what do I care, I simply put on what I think best and am comfortable with..
  5. I find it so hard to write nicely using pens after school ended..HAHAHA..and and and I find it difficult to write in English after school ended too...=))
  6. I am a novel addict and I can spend hours in a bookstore..Wow, the last time I went to Kinokuniya I bought 6 novels which costed me(my mom actually) around RM 160++..ehehe..and I can't wait to go to Pesta Buku at PWTC next next week...=))
  7. You know what, just know one of my neighbour screamed..I don't know, maybe there was a rat or cockroach in her kitchen..HEEEE~~
  8. I laugh all the times and I scream histerically when I'm times, I even laugh on something that is not funny..yeah, that is Atiqah..
  9. I loveee movies!!!but spare the movies with torturing scene or war scene in it...I prefer family, comedy, teens, girlish and cute animations like Upin & Ipin, Finding Nemo, Up, Barbie too...
  10. Sometimes I go to barbie website and play the kiddo and girlish games, you know the makeover, photographing barbie and stuff..I've to say they're pretty fun..Call me childish, coz I am..HAHA
Ha, at last it's done..Hurray..HAHA..

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