Thursday, March 4, 2010

hee, ceria bersamamu, cewah3..HAHA

Alhamdulillah, the lesson and the QTI went on quite well..Ehehe, not that very well but kind of..And I'm happy because at last the clutch can't find reason to hate me anymore..!!HAHA. and all of sudden I find out that manual transmission cars are not that bad..(kemain lagi ko, dulu dengar name pon tak ley)AHAHA, that is how peoples' hearts work, ay?? it's least for me..

and and and, during the QTI the engine broke down once at the traffic light, what the fun tengok muka pegawai QTI tu marah..HAHAHA, how filthy evil la ko neh suke tgk muka org marah..HAHA(see, I turn mad because of happiness)HAHAHA..=) my JPJ test is scheduled on 10 of march, so I'm kind of nervous and excited too..because I can't wait to drive..I mean legally as a competent driver..ecehh..

and it will be easier to 'berkhidmat' to the family,ay?? so I can drive Ali to his tution, drive to Mcd if Ali and I are too bored at home(makan McD bile bosan, HAHA, so pathetic)rather than 'call and order' which wil be charged RM 3 later, what a foul..HAHAHA

krak kruk krak, bunyi perut lapar..HAAHAHA, 'krak kruk krak'??whateverla tiqa tiqa..HAHA
so, bye bye, mahu makan dei kichi...

note: banyak sungguh entry tentang kelas memandu kan..hee, so dreadful la license in the making neh..
Tapi tak mengapa, kerana , di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ade jalan, ay??=)

Sehingga ketemu lagi ya pak puk pik...what the #$%^&*..=p

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